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Furniture 161 Products


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Crafted from high-quality solid wood and featuring a smooth finish that highlights the rich grain pattern, these house-shaped ornaments whimsically capture the essence of home. We keep adding new designs to this classic Furniture 161 collection that makes a charming gift for any occasion.


A wooden console that appears to float can effortlessly bringing a sense of organic charm and timeless style to any living space.

Hylla can be mounted as a single piece, or in sets of two or three, to create a striking shelf system.



Made from locally sourced walnut plywood cut in such a way that there is a continuation of the grain down all the faces of the table, Stod is our most popular product. What sets this end table apart is the flat top that also features joint side edges. The table appears to ‘float,’ despite being incredibly stable.

This particular piece is currently sold out, but don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss making you a similar piece in any length and height.



The wood’s warm and rich tones are accentuated by a smooth, hand-polished finish, enhancing the Satt’s tactile appeal.

This multi-functional piece can be used as a stool, table, step, building block for a customizable shelf system… the only limit is your imagination.



Introducing Kabi, a captivating fusion of precise geometry and natural grace. This distinctive piece is designed to be displayed either as a standalone statement, or adorned with your favorite floral arrangements.

The elongated silhouette of Kabi provides a striking presence, making it an ideal focal point for both minimalist and contemporary interiors.



This elegant piece seamlessly blends functionality and aesthetics, effortlessly complementing any decor.

It features ash plywood, selected for its fine grain and durability, and precision-cut slots that cradle your cherished books with finesse, providing a visually stunning display while allowing easy access to your literary treasures.

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Past collection

These designs are currently sold out. If you have questions regarding these pieces, or if you want to hire Furniture 161 for a custom wood furniture commission, please get in touch.